Local Moving Services

Full Service Moving

With full service moving, you get it all. Our movers will come to your home and pack everything up, protect your items, bring them to your new home, and unpack everything so you’re ready to go about living your life. With a combination of packing and moving services, a smooth, easy move is within your grasp.

Moving Help


Moving help is a terrific way for the local move.  Both loading and unloading of rentals, containers, but not limited, U-Haul, Budget, U-Pack and more. These are generally one-way services as a local moving is best accommodated with movers and a short-term rental truck, often provided by our company.

Office Moving


Your business relies on the items within your office. Zen move it services are of the highest quality. We can make sure your office move is a smooth transition. We hope that you will include Altitude Zen Move it.

Apartment Moving


Apartment Moving is always an adventure. From elevators to stairs and hallways that seem to never end, our apartment movers can get the job done in a fast and efficient manner, whatever the circumstances. We like the stairs and enjoy the cardiovascular workout with the long walks as well. We also are sure to bring the right equipment for those brisk walks, like four-wheel dollies, two wheeler and lifting straps.

Home Moving


Moving homes are often difficult for the individual that lives in the residence. Due to size and quantity of items, coupled with the sentimental and emotional attachments. Packing and moving become a heavily stressful experience. Call us today and let Zen Move it help.